Excitement in the Bakery Today!

Welcome to DiabeticDogBakery.com blog. We are excited to relaunch our bakery since relocating from Minnesota to North Carolina.  Our 4 year anniversary is just around the corner on February 13, 2012.  As we have redesigned our website for easy maneuvering by our clients and a faster shopping cart checkout system, we can only remember how our bakery has matured since we began in 2008 while living in San Antonio, TX.

I was reading some blogs and websites with diabetic dog treat recipes and was surprised at some of the ingredients.  Diabetic dog treats must be made with totally different ingredients than a dog treat given to a young and healthy dog. By using whole wheat flours or even barley fours, you are just exchanging for the white flours that some dog bakeries use everyday.  These are not beneficially helpful for a diabetic dog.

Personally, I am appalled that anyone would bake a dog treat with garlic, whole wheat, liver and onions or any kind of fruit.  I realize there have been debates for years about using garlic but with so many other healthy alternatives, why would anyone use it and take a chance with a reaction.  Whole wheat flour has been controversial for causing allergic reactions. Onions are just too dangerous and not worth taking a chance.  I will discuss fruit dangers in a future post, as well as giving liver to diabetic dogs.

So…..Let me get to the point!  Below are some ingredients to use or not use with diabetic dogs. This is not a complete list but definitely a start.

  1. Use oat flours in dog treat recipes.
  2. Use low-glycemic vegetables.
  3. Use fresh herbs in your dog treats.
  4. Do not use any kind of fruit in your treats.
  5. Do not use sugar, artificial flavorings or colors.
  6. Do not use decorations. Those are for the humans and the dogs don’t care. It’s all about the TASTE.

Enjoy your four-legged family members and make a batch of fresh dog treats.  You will be surprised at how they react to the smell. Better yet, bake them a ‘meat cake’ and they will do a dance across the kitchen floor.   Happy Howl-ing!