Are dog treats safe for diabetic dogs?


Diabetic dog treats are a healthy and harmless way to keep your dog interested about eating their food. Your dog should be given low-glycemic treats so that they remain energetic and healthy but without raising thier blood sugars. A diabetic dog can live a long and happy life with the correct diet, exercise, insulin treatment and of course, regular low-glycemic treats.

There are many website for helping new diabetic pet owners but keep in mind, that each dog is different and you should watch for signs. We found that no commercial dog food would help our Daisy with stablizing her blood sugars, so we started cooking her food from scratch.  We saw a dramatic difference in her testing levels, her energy level increased and you could tell that she felt better over all.

Recently, we noticed that Winston (our basset hound) was having some problems with loose stools.  We took him into the vet and they tested him for all kinds of things, i.e. tape worms, obstructions in the bowels, etc. but everything came back good.  The vet couldn’t figure it out and so she assumed it must be pancreatitis.  We disagreed but couldn’t figure it out either.  She gave him several medications over the past month but still, he has loose stools.  We have come to the conclusion now that Merrick dog food (organic dog food on the market) which he has eaten for years now, must have changed their recipes or are using a different ingredient vendor and that must be the issue.  I will again…..start home cooked meals for Winston.  We expect that to take care of the loose stool issues within several days.  Stay posted for updates next week on Winston’s condition.

Is anyone interested in some of our recipes for home cooked dog meals?

Howl and Drool along the way!

Staff at the Diabetic Dog Bakery


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