Update on Winston’s Food

Winston is doing fantastic now that we have starting home-cooked meals.  His stool is healthy looking and solid again.  It took two days to get his stool changed and he has his energy back.  No medications involved but just organic human-grade food.  Sweet potatoes, peas, rice, a little apple, beef and he loves it.  I do recommend that you give them a canine multi-vitamin when feeding them homemade meals.

If you have a furry family member that doesn’t get excited with his meals, isn’t eating well or have a consistently loose stool…..consider cooking homemade meals and freezing them for the week.  I do this one evening a week or on a Saturday afternoon.  It isn’t that much extra work for one or two dogs.

If you are interested in several of our recipes, send our bakery an email at bakery@DiabeticDogBakery.com  and it will be our pleasure to send you the recipes.

Howl and Drool along the way!

Staff at the Diabetic Dog Bakery


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