Give to Charity While Web Searching

By simply searching the Internet, you can give money to The Puppy Rescue Mission (TPRM) at the same time.  Every time you search the web with GoodSearch, they will donate a penny to TPRM.  I know that there are days that I have searched over a hundred times.  That is a dollar for only one day!  Think about a month’s worth of searching and thousands of people?  If only 1,000 people searched GoodSearch once per day… that is over $3,700 for a year.

If you shop online at GoodShop, a percentage of each purchase will also be donated to TPRM.

If you dine out, register with GoodDining and register your credit cards. Every time you use your registered credit card at one of the participating restaurants, they make a donation to your charity on record.  We try to dine out at least once per week and we already started using the local restaurants on their member list.

If you are already doing either or both of these activities, why not help The Puppy Rescue Mission and reunite more deserving dogs to welcoming military homes from war torn countries.

For more information:    Puppy Rescue Mission


One thought on “Give to Charity While Web Searching

  1. I have never heard of this search engine. I will create an account and start earning money for my rescue charity right away. Thank you for giving me this information.


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