A Dog Named Yeager and His Job


A dog named Yeager,  who is an explosive detection dog in Afghanistan, lies next to Staff Sgt. Derick Clark (kennel supervisor) and Chief Warrant Officer II Michael Reeves (kennel officer in charge) while observing a moment of silence in honor of Lance Cpl. Abraham Tarwoe (who was a dog handler and mortarman). This memorial service was held on April 22, 2012. Yesterday was Memorial Day, and hopefully we all took a moment in thought, of what sacrifices our U.S. Military (either human or canine) have given for all U.S. Citizens to live free and without fear on our soils.

Photo © by US Marine Corps


One thought on “A Dog Named Yeager and His Job

  1. It must be so hard on these dogs. Extreme conditions, stressful, anxiety and grief when they no longer have their handler in combat. Dogs get very attached just like we do and go through similar grief levels. Thank you to all these dogs and their combat handlers.


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