Toxic Slug Bait

It may be that time of the season in your part of the country, but please be extremely careful with using “slug bait” in your yard or garden. “Slug bait” is extremely toxic to dogs and most will seek it out as a treat.

Symptoms can start as early as 15 minutes and could include –

  • Weakness
  • Heavy drooling
  • Shaking
  • Seizures and/or tremors

Any of these symptoms should be taken as an emergency situation and transport to the nearest Animal Hospital.

An organic method of dealing with slugs is to crush used egg shells and work into the soil.  Egg shells are not toxic to dogs and they are not nearly as interested in eating them.

If you have any additional methods to fight slugs in your lawn or garden and would not be toxic to dogs, please post a comment so that other readers can be informed.


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