Bloat in Dogs – Are you prepared?

Until this past week, I had not heard of the word ‘Bloat’ and didn’t know what it was when I saw a blog titled “How to be prepared for Bloat in your dog”.  What an eye opener!  Since I personally have basset hounds, they were on the list of breeds at risk for developing bloat, so I continued reading.  These are a few of the things that stood out and how to prepare if it happens to your dog.

Interesting fact: #1 breed to develop bloat is the Great Dane, with the #2 breed being the St. Bernard and the #3 breed being the Weimaraner.

Bloat can happen if your dog eats too fast, or has too much water before or after one meal per day (they suggest you feed your dog twice to three times a day) or is under unusual stress.

The condition is extremely painful and could kill your dog in as little as an hour.

They suggest you have the closest emergency clinic contact information for nights and/or weekends. Plus to have GasX in your medicine cabinet for such a situation.

For further reading on this subject, this website had the most complete and easy to understand diagrams.

Breeds most at risk:

bullet Afghan Hound
bullet Airedale Terrier
bullet Akita
bullet Alaskan Malamute
bullet Basset Hound
bullet Bernese Mountain Dog
bullet Borzoi
bullet Bouvier des Flandres
bullet Boxer
bullet Bullmastiff
bullet Chesapeake Bay Retriever
bullet Collie
bullet Dachshund
bullet Doberman Pinscher
bullet English Springer Spaniel
bullet Fila Brasileiro
bullet Golden Retriever
bullet Gordon Setter
bullet Great Dane
bullet German Shepherd
bullet German Shorthaired Pointer
bullet Great Pyrenees
bullet Irish Setter
bullet Irish Wolfhound
bullet King Shepherd
bullet Labrador Retriever
bullet Miniature Poodle
bullet Newfoundland
bullet Old English Sheepdog
bullet Pekinese
bullet Rottweiler
bullet Samoyed
bullet Shiloh Shepherd
bullet St. Bernard
bullet Standard Poodle
bullet Weimaraner
bullet Wolfhound
bullet Sighthouds
bullet Bloodhounds

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