Rice, Rice Flour and Diabetic Dogs

As I read blogs with diabetic dog treat recipes and even some of the homemade dog food recipes, I am surprised at how many believe rice and rice flour are good substitutions for wheat flour.  When you have a diabetic dog, your main concern is to maintain their blood glucose level.  Ever time they eat, whether a treat or a meal, their blood glucose is affected.  Exercise also affects it but we will focus on the food part of life this post.  With that said, we much be cautious with ingredients.  We should be focusing on low-glycemic index ingredients.  These are the green peas, green beans, spinach, oats, oat flour, Quinoa, Quinoa flour, Gava beans, Gava bean flour, green pea flour, buckwheat flour and spinach flour. This is not a complete list but a start.

Rice have a high glycemic index value such as 85 for white rice and 75 for brown rice. The high glycemic index values of either white or brown rice flour, can make their blood glucose (sugar) levels rise after eating.

Bottom line:  Stay away from treats made with wheat flour (which includes Semolina, Rye and Barley) , all-purpose flour, white rice flour or brown rice flour.  Rice is a starchy food and is NOT good for a diabetic dog.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/541050-rice-flour-blood-sugar/#ixzz2fmoFybUh