Happy National Ice Cream Day!!

Today is National Ice Cream Day and we don’t want to leave out our darling diabetic or pancreatic fuzzy babies. Our dogs love us unconditionally and we want to spoil them from time to time, so today could be that day to make a batch of green bean or green pea ice cream. Puree about 12 to 18 green beans or green peas (hopefully fresh out of your garden) with about 1/2 cup of water or coconut water if your special 4-legged likes a little extra flavor with their green beans. Pour into a dixie cup or any other container that would allow you to remove it into a dish, after it is frozen for about 2 hours.

Special note: Do not feed your diabetic or pancreatic dog coconut water on a regular or daily basis but on a special occasion, which most veterinarians state is acceptable.

Have fun with some pictures of them enjoying their tongue licking time!!



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