SALE: Healthy Hearts & Bark Boxes

The Diabetic Dog Bakery is having a sale through the end of September 2017 on Healthy Hearts and Bark Boxes for ONLY $5.99 each for our diabetic-friendly dog treats.

By using low-glycemic soy, GF whole grains, green peas and beans in these treats, it may assist in lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetic and prediabetic dogs. We have also found that our Healthy Hearts and Bark Boxes are easy for pancreatic dogs to handle with their sensitive stomachs.

Dog parents struggling with management of their pup’s weight, can use these 6 or 7 calorie treats with pleasure and no guilt.

Healthy Hearts                                            Bark Boxes


Check out our sale prices on Healthy Hearts and Bark Boxes today at the Diabetic Dog Bakery.

What Is In The Treat You Give Your Dog?

Many years ago, I started reading food labels for my husband and I. Mainly due to a health issue but after learning what was in our favorite foods, we started to change our eating habits. In addition, I noticed some family members and friends feeding store-bought treats to their dogs. When I asked them why that brand, they would answer “because he/she likes it”. I started to wonder, what would they think if they really knew all the ingredients in those treats?  Would they continue feeding it to their dog or would they start looking for a new treat?  One of them that I shared several of the appalling ingredients to, was quite upset that it is allowed to be in dog treats.  Propylene glycol is used to make antifreeze and airplane de-icers, TBHQ is a butane derivative that can cause death from ingesting as little as 5 grams (lighter fluid), BHA that is known to cause stomach cancer and BHT also causes cancer. How about silica that causes indigestion and magnesium stearate suppresses the immune system.

One of the more serious ingredients to me, is the metabisulfite (found in Milk Bones among other brands of dog treats) is harmful if ingested or inhaled because it reacts with acids in the stomach to release toxic sulfur dioxide gas. It can cause issues with a dog’s central nervous system, gastrointestinal or even circulatory issues.  Why take any chances with this type of dog treat?

Do you know what is in your dog’s treat?

The “Dirty Popcorn” blog is one of the best written and in detail about commercial dog treats on the market.  The blog is written by Amy Renz of Goodness Gracious.

I would like to challenge you as a dog parent, to read the label of your current dog treat and learn what is exactly in the treat.  If you are not comfortable continuing to give that treat, use the new information you have learned from these sources and find a new healthier treat that continues your dog’s tail to wag!

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