Are You Eating Insects and Your Dog Too?

Did you know that insects are being used as a protein in dog food and now I find out it is being added to human food products too.  Where have I been for the past several years while this movement has been moving forward?

If you want to better understand how long this has been moving forward in not only pet foods but now concentrating on our human food supply; read more at the as it quotes insect farmers in the USA stating that it has been going on for a decade or more.

I was reading the June 2018 edition of the Pet Food Industry newsletter this morning. One of the articles was “Insects in pet food: US regulatory challenges continue” by David A. Dzanis, DVM, Phd, DACVN.  Dr. Dzanis states “Efforts are being made on several fronts to provide for use of new insect-based ingredients in animal feeds, including pet foods”. Insects are being used as a protein and their are insect farms in the USA to fulfill the FDA’s mandate to have pesticide-free insects in our food products with their scientific names on the ingredient labels.








The FDA has responded to many inquiries about what the Federal regulation is on insects for food sources and has quoted the USDA PowerPoint slides that were presented by Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, the Director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). The complete PowerPoint presentation can be viewed by clicking HERE.

On slide #8, it clearly states “human and animal nutrition” and slide #9 talks about “Acceptance” which includes behavior, choices, attitudes, education, and chefs as culinary trendsetters on slide #10. In addition slide #10 states condiments, supplements and additives (which another sources stated that has or would be used as a thickener in ice cream, dairy, mixes, etc.




I have never had a problem with insect-based treatments for illnesses through Holistic practitioners but I will never leave my nutritional or food choice to companies to make on my behalf and without my knowledge.  That goes for my dogs as well!

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