Blue Buffalo Supplier Pleads Guilty to Feathers in Food

Please read these blog posts below to better understand from knowledgeable and credible people or DVMs, what is or has been in Blue Buffalo dog food.

Today, I read several posts about the Blue Buffalo feather meal law suit and the guilty plea in the Court.  Dr. Karen Becker, DVM of Mercola Healthy Pets and Susan Thixton of in both of their postings have discussed the history on this case and a previous case back in 2009 when ChemNutra only received a $35,000 fine and three years probation for doing pretty much the same thing as Blue Buffalo, Wilbur-Ellis Feed and broker Diversified Ingredients.

Keep in mind that feather meal is known as “hydrolyzed poultry by-products aggregate” or “feather hydrolysate” and Royal Canin makes six dry foods and two wet foods that contain hydrolyzed soy proteins, as well as an “anallergenic” dry food that is made with “hydrolyzed poultry byproducts aggregate”– which turns out to be made from poultry feathers.

Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM posted back in 2016 about the questionable ingredients that Royal Canin uses in their anallergenic dry food. She suggested making homemade meals with rabbit or other pure meats as the protein. It would be far more nutritional and probably cheaper than buying Royal Canin dog food.

Dr. Karen Becker’s article:  Blue Buffalo Gets Its Day in Court – And Then This Happened

Susan Thixton’s article:  Pet Feed Ingredient Supplier Pleads Guilty

Dr. Judy Morgan’s article:  No Truth in Pet Food Labels

ACTION: Please pass this along to all pet parents that you know.  Education is the key to keeping our fur children safe from companies that only care about the almighty dollar!


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