Incredible New All-In-One Dog Leash

Do I have you curiosity raised about what kind of new dog leash I am talking about?

Well, while we are snowbirding this year on the NC Coast and walking on the sand, we met a man named Art Ingram and his well-behaved dog Soffie.  As we talked, Art mentioned his new patented all-in-one dog leash.  He showed us how to install it on Soffie and it was a great idea.  I took his business card so that I could look up his website and told him that I would pass it along to my dog friends online.

He talked about several large orders from the Veterinarians Without Borders organization that works well with traveling vets that need a collar or vest with a leash.  His MyOneLeash is exactly what they need in traveling around the World and helping animals.

Instead of me trying to explain how it works, I am placing his website link to My One Leash.

Please check his dog product out and ask him any questions you might have.  He has been very busy keeping up with all the orders and the believes he has a fantastic product that can assist dog families with a combination leash and collar/vest with dog behavior on walks.

Soffie in Her MyOneLeash