Can You Adopt a Dog From a Beer Can?

Fargo Brewing Company in North Dakota or Motorworks Brewing in Florida have ended up with a way to assist with dog adoption.  The breweries has stayed open during the COVID-19 infection and feature hard-to-adopt dogs on their beer cans, in which have started an adoption movement.  In October 2019, Fargo Brewing Company produced 40 cases of the special beer cans; 25 of which were sold at a launch event in November. The remaining cans were available for local buyers to purchase during a later week. Portion of the proceeds went to 4 Luv of Dog Rescue.

Restaurants have noticed this new movement during the outbreak and Just Pizza &Wing Company in New York teamed up with the SPCA in Niagara to get dogs adopted by taping available dog photographs to carryout box tops.

Please assist these companies’ in their marketing endeavors for dog adoptions.

Let us know if you notice any other companies offering such a marketing plan to benefit available adoptive dogs and cats.







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