About the Diabetic Dog Bakery and Owner

We founded The Gourmet Dog Bakery in February of 2008 (in San Antonio, TX) after purchasing it from a woman in FL. The woman had created the dog bakery in 2006 to feature dog treats for healthy dogs. I changed its name to better contour with our clients in November of 2011. We have never deviated from our  original founding objective….to increase the quality and length of life for diabetic dogs and educate their owners.

You are probably wondering how I decided to offer diabetic dog treats.  At the time, we had a basset hound named Daisy Girl, that was diabetic.  After researching for a low-glycemic vegetable dog treat without all the fats and preservatives, I came up empty handed.  Most dog treats have wheat flour or garlic or onion powder in them.  So….the only way to give my Daisy Girl a treat that would NOT affect her blood glucose levels, I had to bake them.

You would be surprised at how closely diabetic dog food needs to mimic a diabetic human.  Our recipes were developed by consulting a well-informed practicing holistic DVM in Texas.

All of our treats are made from ingredients certified organic for human consumption.

To learn more about the Diabetic Dog Bakery:




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