Incredible New All-In-One Dog Leash

Do I have you curiosity raised about what kind of new dog leash I am talking about?

Well, while we are snowbirding this year on the NC Coast and walking on the sand, we met a man named Art Ingram and his well-behaved dog Soffie.  As we talked, Art mentioned his new patented all-in-one dog leash.  He showed us how to install it on Soffie and it was a great idea.  I took his business card so that I could look up his website and told him that I would pass it along to my dog friends online.

He talked about several large orders from the Veterinarians Without Borders organization that works well with traveling vets that need a collar or vest with a leash.  His MyOneLeash is exactly what they need in traveling around the World and helping animals.

Instead of me trying to explain how it works, I am placing his website link to My One Leash.

Please check his dog product out and ask him any questions you might have.  He has been very busy keeping up with all the orders and the believes he has a fantastic product that can assist dog families with a combination leash and collar/vest with dog behavior on walks.

Soffie in Her MyOneLeash



A Special Valentine’s Day Treat

The Diabetic Dog Bakery is offering Beet Hugs as a special diabetic or pancreatitis-friendly Valentine’s Day dog treats in 2019. We used whole beets in our recipe and encourage 4-leggers to enjoy with their parents on their special Valentine’s Day. … Continue reading

CONTEST: Animal Wellness Give-Away

I just discovered a fantastic company named BlanketID. They have a line of lounge collars (includes an ID on each lounger) and gives our hounds the ability to be comfortable while sleeping in the house but safe without separating them from their essential IDs. They offer other types of IDs as well.  Check them out!

Blanket ID Contest 6-18

Time is running out to enter the Animal Wellness BlanketID Contest, as entry deadline is June 18, 2018 at 11:59pm. Limit one entry per household and only available to North American residents.

You Could Win Contest 6-18


Don’t Forget Valentine’s Day

Valentine Hearts 2016-3She loves me or she loves me not? We can answer this. She will love you through thick and thin, no matter what! That is the way dogs are with unconditional love. Valentine’s Day is a great time to give them something special to show you understand their love. The Diabetic Dog Bakery created a special diabetic and vegan dog treat named “Heart Kisses”, just for Valentine’s Day this year. Using low-glycemic organic GF flours in combination with fresh vegetables, may assisted in lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetic and pre-diabetic dogs.

Beets are high in many vitamins and minerals which includes potassium, magnesium, fiber, phosphorus and iron. Vitamins A, B & C plus beta-carotene, beta-cyanine and folic acid round out the top beneficial vitamins in beets.

Heart Kisses are suitable for diabetic, healthy and over-weight dogs. This is a vegetarian, vegan, grain and gluten-free dog treat. Each Heart Kiss has 13 calories and 1.1g total carbohydrates. Total fat came in at 0.06g with no cholesterol or sodium. These are also high in dietary fiber, manganese, potassium and thiamin.       Check out our new Heart Kisses!


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Christmas Gift Box for Your Diabetic Dog

Large Holiday gift box 2015  The official Black Friday and Cyber Monday have arrived, so we are in the spirit of offering options for gift giving to your diabetic dogs.   The small gift box holds at least 100 treats that include our newly reformulated Healthy Hearts, Bark Boxes and Gobblers made of fresh turkey.

The large gift box holds at least 200 treats that include our newly reformulated Healthy Hearts, Bark Boxes and Gobblers.

Each gift box has a paw theme sturdy box with a greeting inside the hinged lid. The treat bags will be nested on a bed of green paper confetti to keep with the festive theme.

If you have a dog dealing with one of the other diseases (such as IBD, colitis, CRF, etc), let us know if you are interested in a Christmas box with their special treats. We can be reached on our website.

Write in the comment section of your order online, what you want on the card if this is a gift.

Guaranteed Christmas arrival – if a paid order is received by Sunday, December 20th, 2015.


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Happy Thanksgiving Friends of the Diabetic Dog Bakery!

Wholesale GobblersEven though Thanksgiving is an American Holiday steeped in family tradition, there are never enough occasions to be grateful for what we have in family, career and friends that we hold dear.

We at the Diabetic Dog Bakery, hold our canine friends in the highest regard and with that said, we have recalculated using the top 5 low-carb and low-fat GF flours into our Healthy Hearts, Bark Boxes and Gobblers. These flours include: hazelnut, almond, coconut, soy and Golden flaxseed.

To celebrate the best limited ingredient diabetic dog treats on the market, we are offering 15% off on Healthy Hearts, Bark Boxes and Gobbler treats today (Thursday), tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.

No coupon is needed to take advantage of this 15% sale.  Enjoy your turkey today!

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Diabetic Dog Bakery on Twitter

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